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Начало Научна дейност Семинари Научен семинар по изчислителна статистика Сбирка 5 - 07.06.2012    English
Факултет по математика и информатика - Сбирка 5 - 07.06.2012

На 07.06.2012 г. (четвъртък), от 14:00 ч. в 541 к. з. на ФМИ, ще се проведе поредната сбирка на постоянния научен семинар по изчислителна статистика.

Тема: Parametric time series analysis of daily air pollutants of city of Shumen, Bulgaria  

Резюме: The urban air pollution is one of the main factors determining the ambient air quality, which affects on the human health and the environment. In this paper parametric time series models are obtained for studying the distribution over time of primary pollutants as sulphur and nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and a secondary pollutant ground level ozon in the town of Shumen, Bulgaria. The ARMA and multiple linear regression methods are used to carry out the time series analysis based on daily average data in 2011 and first quater of 2012. The constructed models are applied for a short-term air pollution forecasting. The results are estimated on the basis of national and European regulation indices. The sources of pollutants in the region and their harmful effects on human health are also discussed.

Лектори: докторант Атанас Иванов, докторант Десислава Войникова

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