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Начало Студенти Летни стажове 2019 Synergy Global Financial Solutions    English
Факултет по математика и информатика - Synergy Global Financial Solutions

Summer internship at Synergy Global Financial Solutions

Synergy Global Financial Solutions is a company focused on providing integrated solutions to financial institutions. The company is a golden partner of Oracle Financial Services and Software.

The company offers unpaid summer internship in its offices in Sofia and Plovdiv with two months duration, commencing 1st of July and ending 31st of August.  

During the internship the interns will gain experience in the field of financial industry and software development (fintech). They will have the chance to work on front and back-end side of the development process with various technologies: Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, HTML, CSS, PL/SQL and an opportunity to finish a successful project individually or in a team.

Come and meet hiring representatives of the company on June 11th at 13:15 at the Faculty of Mathematics and informatics, Plovdiv University,  room No 422.

 Applications are expected on email: ivelina.bardukova@synergygfs.com until June 20th 2019.

На 11.06.2019 г. (вторник) от 13:15 ч. в 422 ауд. ще се проведе среща на представители на Синерджи със студенти от ФМИ във връзка с провеждането на стажантската програма.


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