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Snezhana Gocheva-Ilieva

Professor, Ph.D, DSc.

Department of Mathematical Analysis



PhD students:

  1. RadoslavRadev, thesis title "Extensions of Software Frameworks for Object-Relational Mapping"
  2. Hristo Hristov, thesis title "Development of Business Intelligence Web Applications for Data Processing and Analysis"
  3. Chavdar Kulin, thesis title "Business intelligence as assesment of the educational product on the part of the business"
  4. Antoaneta Yordanova
  5. Dimitar Fidanov
  6. Stefani Panayotova, co-supervasor Assoc. Prof. Pavlina Atanasova
  7. Ivaylo Boukliev, co-supervasor Assoc. Prof. Hristina Kulina
  8. Mariana Petrova-Zhekova, co-supervasor Assoc. Prof. Hristina Kulina

Defended PhD students :

  1. Doychin Boyadzhiev, Application of Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Origin Modeling, thesis defended in 2009.
  2. Anna Malinova, Software System for Computer Simulation of Metal Vapor Lasers, thesis defended in 2009.
  3. Dessislava Voynikova, thesis title "Application of Multivariate Nonparametric Statistical Methods", thesis defended in July 2013.
  4. Hristo Lesev, thesis title "Modular Expandable Systems for Global Illumination Calculation", thesis defended 17 March 2015
  5. Atanas Ivanov, thesis title "Statistical Study of Air Quality", thesis defended 20 March 2015
  6. Vanya Ivanova, thesis title "Intensification of Test and Assessment Processes for English Using Information Technologies", thesis defended 3 February, 2016
  7. Maya Stoimenova, thesis title "Rapidly Changeable Time Series"

Master's Theses:

  1. Yulia Rabotova-Hristova, Thesis title "Studying time series in turism", specialty: Applied mathematics, 2016.
  2. Antoaneta Yordanova, Thesis title "Application of statistical methods in animal sciences", specialty: Applied mathematics, 2015.
  3. Ivan Hristov, “Properties and Applications of Special Functions and Integrals in Mathematics”, specialty: Applied mathematics, 2014.
  4. Dessislava Voynikova, "Analysis of variance for data processing with SPSS", specialty: Applied mathematics, 2009.
  5. Lubomir Genov, "Application of factor analysis in marketing research by SPSS", specialty: Applied mathematics,2007.
  6. Krassimir Krastev, "Modeling in laser physics by Mathematica", specialty: Applied mathematics, 2003.
  7. Lukian Tabandzhov, specialty: Mathematics and informatics, 2003.
  8. Krastena Nikolova, "Boundary value problems by Mathematica", specialty: Applied mathematics, 2002.
  9. Spass Iliev,"Subsidiary programs - an integral part of the testing process," specialty: Computer Science, 2001.
  10. Georgi Simeonov, "On-line labour market by Jini technology," specialty: Computer Science, 2001.
  11. Petar Kr. Matov, "Transaction cash for linking data bases", specialty: Computer Science, 2001.
  12. Georgi Ianakov, "WAP technologies," specialty: Computer Science, 2001.
  13. Penka M. Cholakova, Basic archiving methods with programming implementation, specialty: Computer Science, 2001.
  14. Ivan Videv, specialty: Computer Science, 2000.
  15. Eleni Gerali, "ACCESS for a pharmacy database", specialty: Computer Science, 2000.
  16. Pavlin Zhekov, "Modeling fermentation processes", specialty: Computer Science, 1999.
  17. Eleonora Georgieva, "Solving boundary value problems for ODE by computer," specialty: Computer Science, 1999.
  18. Nina Uzunova, "Special dichotomy methods for solving systems of nonlinear equations," specialty: Computer Science, 1999.
  19. Marin Mandradzhiev, specialty: Computer Science, 1999.
  20. Julia Kasabova, "Golden ratio," specialty: Physics and mathematics, 1998.
  21. Sergey Kasabov, specialty: Physics and mathematics, 1998.
  22. Tanya Georgieva, sp. Computer Science, 1998.
  23. Vladimir D. Denev, "Methods for coding images", specialty: Computer Science, 1997.
  24. Vessela K. Koleva, "Parallel algorithms in linear algebra," specialty: Computer Science, 1997.
  25. Teoharis Katzaros, "Implementation of some algorithms for modeling metal vapor lasers," specialty: Computer Science, 1997.
  26. Maria Terzijska, "Implementation of some algorithms for CO2 lasers", specialty: Computer Science, 1997.
  27. Nina Nikolova, "Nonlinear Runge-Kutta method for solving stiff differential equations," specialty: Computer Science, 1996.

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